Ivy is a public speaking professional with multiple talents. She is a mc,a tv presenter, as well as a radio personality at 90,4 cosmopolitan fm. She is also a seasoned communication trainer and has provided trainings for l’oreal group since 2010 and corporations like pertamina, jamsostek, ramsay hospital, allianz, garuda Indonesia both in private or group courses.


Not just a great speaking voice, ivy also has a beautiful singing voice. During her college years from 1996-2001, she joined a famous 90s musical band called protonema as a back-up singer. At the time, she was still studying german literature at university of Indonesia.


As a mc and a public speaker, ivy has been described as quick on her feet, gracious, intelligent and a consummate professional. She masters product knowledge quickly and precisely. Ivy’s versatility with characters are boundless, whatever it takes to get an event up and ending in rousing applause, she ensures a consistent standard. She has this great stage presence and total control over the audience, which is the reason why this profession has brought her to so many countries, including the us, Taiwan, China, Hongkong, Singapore and Thailand.


P E R S O N A L   I N F O R M A T I O N

  • - Jakarta, 31 Oktober 1977
  • - Sarjana S1 Sastra Jerman, Universitas Indonesia
  • - MC, Radio Broadcaster, TV Presenter, TV Host
  • - Training Facilitator for Public Speaking and Communication
  • - Singer
  • - Actress
  • - VO Talent
  • - Social Media Buzzer


W O R K I N G  E X P E R I E N C E:


R A D I O  B R O A D C A S T I N G

  • - Radio Cosmopolitan 90.40 FM
  • - Radio Indika 91.60 FM


T V   P R O G R A M S

  • - Cerita Wanita @ O Channel
  • - Referensiana @ Sindo TV
  • - Insight @ Trans TV
  • - Catatan Metropolitan @Channel
  • - Clas Community @ TransTV
  • - Jakarta Pagi @ Jak TV
  • - Kabar Idola @ TV7
  • - ClasSensasi @ RCTI
  • - Ada Gosip @ SCTV
  • - Album Keluarga Bintang @ ANTV


T R A I N I N G   F A C I L I T A T O R

In :

  • - Public Speaking
  • - Personal Branding
  • - Body Language
  • - Communication Skill
  • - MC Formal/Informal
  • - Radio Broadcast
  • - TV Presenting
  • - Etc.

Master of Ceremony  

- Kementrian Pariwisata Logo Launching

- Sony A9 Launching

- TeamLab at Plaza Indonesia Grand Opening

- Body Shop Brand Ambassador Launching

- HP Launching

- Trimegah

- Dr Share 

- Sun Life Gathering

- Loreal Look & Learn 2017

- Blackberry Launching

- Equity Life Gathering

- Press Conference Indonesia Business week 

- Wedding Reception of Ambar & Zulkarnaen at Puri Begawan Bogor

- Loreal

- Lojel

- POLRI PATAKA 83 Celebration

- Wedding reception of Alvin & Felicia at Hotel Mulia Jakarta


- Danone Gathering

- Wedding Reception of Rafli & Anthy at Ritz Carlton Jakarta

- Wedding Reception of Benny & Vina in Semarang


- Wedding Reception of Jordan & Jeannifer at Hotel Mercure Jakarta

- Blue Band Press Conference

- Wedding Reception of Hartman & Natasha at Hotel Mulia Jakarta

- Wedding Reception of Eric & Esayuri at Ritz Carlton Hotel Bali

- Wedding Reception of Alvet & Helen at Ritz Carlton Pacific Place

- AIA Gathering


- Wedding Reception of Richie & Sherly in Palembang

- Polytron Launching

- Wedding Reception of Anthony & Devina at Ritz Carlton Pacific Place

- Wedding Reception of Michael & Della at Hotel Mulia Jakarta

- Loreal Press Conference at Jakarta Fashion Week

- Wedding Reception of Steven & Margareth at Hotel Shangrila Jakarta

- Dettol Press Conference

- Wedding Reception of Jemmy & Sally at Ritz Carlton Pacific Place

- Wedding Reception of Luther & Novi in Lampung

- Easecox Gathering

- Wedding Reception of Andrew & Veny at Ritz Carlton Pacific Place

- Kementrian Perhubungan

- BWT Launching

- ANZ Bank Gathring


MCM Management is a newly established talent management agency focusing on managing qualified, young masters of ceremony (MC) in Indonesia. The Agency was formed as a response to the fact that there is a gap between the availability and the demand for qualified MCs, both in entertainment and non-entertainment sectors, and that the pool of qualified MCs has been increasingly getting smaller and dominated by senior MCs.