Santi bonis has this thing we called “art-sense”. She was already interested in the arts from an early age, which led her to become one of the main dancers in kinarya gsp, belonged to guruh soekarno putra in 1988 


After getting married and has 2 children who are now teenagers, santi bonis continued working in showbiz as talent coordinator, event management, wedding organizer, project officer, professional mc, event consultant, etc. She was the project officer for concerts and other big event such as titi dj sang dewi concert, white christmas adhi ms concert, matah ati traditional dance performances in jakarta and solo, etc. She was also involved as a producer of several musicals such as gita cinta the musical and ali topan the musical. 


Last but not least, santi bonis has the voice we love.  She was one of the best broadcasters of mra radio group, namely cosmopolitan fm and brava fm.

MCM Management is a newly established talent management agency focusing on managing qualified, young masters of ceremony (MC) in Indonesia. The Agency was formed as a response to the fact that there is a gap between the availability and the demand for qualified MCs, both in entertainment and non-entertainment sectors, and that the pool of qualified MCs has been increasingly getting smaller and dominated by senior MCs.