Cisca began her career as a radio Program Director at 101.4 Trax FM Jakarta and then heading the Program Department at 87.6 Hard Rock FM Jakarta. 

She bloomed further as she expanded her career to multiple talents as a Radio Announcer,TV Presenter and a Master of Ceremony.
Whether it's her sense of humor, her youthful spirit that leaves a lasting impression on people, no one really knows. But there is definitely something about her presence, personality and character that the audience always finds captivating, making her one of the most sought-after hosts and presenters.
Cisca's MC portfolio includes corporate events, such as annual gathering, awarding night, launching party, media gathering, etc. She is fluent in English and completely comfortable hosting a full English-speaking event. In fact, that is one of her comfort zones, as her many clients would affirm, how she would always manage to make an international audience completely at ease and captivated. 

With her versatility, quick wit and her ability to charm and entertain the crowd, Cisca is also a good host for private functions such as wedding, anniversary and birthday parties, etc.

P E R S O N A L  I N F O R  M A T I O N

  • Jakarta, 7 April 1979
  • Sarjana Ilmu Komunikasi, Univ. Ludwig-Maximillian, Germany
  • MC, Radio Broadcaster, TV Presenter, TV Host
  • Training Facilitator for Public Speaking and Communication
  • VO Talent
  • Social Media Buzzer


W O R K I N G  E X P E R I E N C E:


R A D I O  B R O A D C A S T I N G

  • Radio Cosmopolitan 90.40 FM


T V   P R O G R A M S

- Cerita Wanita @ O Channel

- Co Host Pagi Jakarta @ O Channel

- Host of Singapore Corner @ O Channel

- Catatan Metropolitan @Channel

- Host for Jakarta's Event Special Edition @ O Channel

- Plesiran (Travel Program) @ Garuda TV


T R A I N I N G   F A C I L I T A T O R

In :

  • Public Speaking
  • Communication Skill
  • MC Formal/Informal
  • Radio Broadcast
  • TV Presenting


Master of Ceremony

- Unilever Indonesia

- Tumi

- Bazaar / Casa Indonesia 2017

- Grand Indonesia G Reward

- Daman

- Sariwangi

- Female Daily 

- Bazaar / Grohe 


- Kansai Customer Gathering

- Heinz Press Conference

- Dr Share Press Conference

- Bazaar

- Max Mara 

- Frisian Flag 

- Mercedes Benz Launching

- Shell

- Plaza Indonesia Anniversary

- Launching Buku Rhenald Kasali

- Parang Kencana

- Nestle 

- Pantene Press Conference

- Lojel 



- Pertamina

- Wedding Reception of Chika & Satrio

- Dulux Press Conference

- Wedding Reception of Pieter & Chitraat Hotel Mulia Jakarta

- DBS Bank

- Heinz Press Conference

- Polytron Launching

- SK II Media Gathering

- DestianAsian Gala Dinner

- Castrol Launching

- Johnny Andrean Award

- Aqua Relection at Jakarta Fashion Week

- Amway Partner Gathering

- Fendi

- Tafisa

- Wedding Reception of Anthony & Amanda at Kempinski Hotel Jakarta

- Lacoste

- Prenagen Road Show

- Kerry FIA

- Roppan

- Taco Press Conference

- Kementrian Pariwisata

- Body Shop

- Blue Band

- Fillerina Press Conference

- BP

- Panasonic Business Meeting

- Wedding Reception of Hosea & Ervani at Mandarin Hotel Jakarta

- WWF Press Conference


MCM Management is a newly established talent management agency focusing on managing qualified, young masters of ceremony (MC) in Indonesia. The Agency was formed as a response to the fact that there is a gap between the availability and the demand for qualified MCs, both in entertainment and non-entertainment sectors, and that the pool of qualified MCs has been increasingly getting smaller and dominated by senior MCs.